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Drawings,Paintings (graphite/ pastel/oil/acrylic/gouache)1981-2024

Davy Lim was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1956.

He was educated in Cambridge, England.

He worked in London before moving to Paris permanently in 1981.

Although his specialty is portraiture, his still-lifes, street-scapes and sports paintings have been exhibited both in France and internationally.

In recent years, he has invested a great deal of time and energy in

photography, video and digital art, but his true love remains painting and drawing." I feel truly blessed, for over 40 years I have earned my living doing something I adore…

and every day is a still a discovery!"

From Penang to Paris
Self portraits 1970-2024


REBELS They have become cult figures,they were legends in their own life-times.This is an on-going project to pay homage to non-conformists who changed the world. These digital prototypes are now being transformed into paint on canvas.

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